System Administrator Checklist

Check for Malware Run a complete scan for any spyware or malware that may have been installed on the system
Tools Used Malwarebytes Software

Delete all Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
Clean up all temporary internet files on the workstation Remove all Cookies from default browser Check visited history to look for any websites visited that are not allowed by the company or could cause harm to the system or network.
Tools Used Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Track/monitor system performance and activity
Check for memory usage Check for system paging Check CPU usage
Tools Usedô Windows built in Task Manager /System Monitor software/ Event viewer

Check All Hard Drives
Check for errors and free space on any of the hard drives Keep Data optimized on hard-drives or SSD
Tools Used Windows built in Disk Defragmenter / Disk Management / Disk Quotas

Update Anti-Virus signature file
Download and install current Anti-Virus signature files
Run Anti-Virus scan on all hard-drives Scan all hard-drives using current Anti-Virus signature files
Check Vendor Websites for Patch Information Check vendor websites such as Microsoft, Sun, HP, Oracle, etc. for New vulnerability information including patches and hotfixes this is done for Java, Flash, and Adobe. This includes third party software on the system such as QuickBooks or programs that the company uses.