About Us

About Our Company

We provide a wide variety of Technology Solutions to meet your business needs.

Aramistech provides networking consulting packages, Custom built servers, Exchange server and configuration, Active directory management and setup, Network Installations, which include routers, firewalls, and switches, Workstation Repair and Maintenance for Windows and Macs. All your technology needs under one roof.

All of our services are provided directly from our company. We do not have any middle man, which means we guarantee all of our services. We are all about bringing together technologies that will help your business move faster and take advantage of the latest the tech sector has to offer to help your business grow.

Your Business Online

The Business Landscape has gone through an incredible change, and business as usual is never going to be the same again. Shoppers are flocking to the internet in droves, and smart businesses will be there to sell their Products & Services. If your business sells something- and what business doesn't - a Web presence is no longer optional. Do you know that as of 2014 over 2.92 billion people around the world access the internet daily and that there are more than 1billion web sites on the Internet with thousands more opening up their doors daily?

It makes perfect sense to advertise your business on the World Wide Web. Imagine the traffic you'll have when you become exposed on the NET, but you will need someone to get you there. Let Aramistech be your chauffeur on the busiest Highway around.

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