About Us

About Our Company

Aramistech is a family business and we provide networking consulting packages, Custom built servers, Exchange server and configuration, Custom Cloud services to host your own data, Active directory management and setup, Network Installations, which include Routers, Firewalls, and Switches, Workstation Repair and Maintenance for Windows and Macs, we also specialize and work from home setups for your business. All your technology needs under one roof.

All of our services are provided directly from our company. We do not have any middle man, which means we guarantee all of our services.

We are all about treating your business like family while bringing together technologies that will help your business move faster and take advantage of the latest the tech sector has to offer to help your business grow.

Your Business Online

Small to medium sized business with a limited IT budget, can't afford to have someone on staff full time to manage their computer networks but they understand the importance of making sure their computer systems are working smoothly.

Computer networks are becoming increasingly complex and more difficult to manage as they grow in size. Without the proper support, your systems are at risk for crashing, data loss, and hacker attacks.

Aramistech's Remote Computer Network Support Service is the perfect solution for businesses like yours. With our service, you get unlimited remote support and also on site repairs if something physical goes wrong. We'll help you keep your networks and computers running smoothly and securely so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

We also specialize in setting up employees to work from home and access the resources of the office. This is great for employees that are away from the office but need to get work done. All the data stays securely at your place of business and your employee can work as if they where at the office, Click to Read More.