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Maximize Productivity with our Maintenance Plans


As technology grows and expands so does the network in your office. Eventually you add Internet Service to share the Internet among the computers in the office; Wi-Fi Wireless Router, you add more computers maybe even a laptop, or a printer to share across the network. All of the sudden you realize that your business can't function correctly if something goes wrong..

Your business depends on your network and computers to work when you and your employees need it the most. Down time can cost you money and loss of precious time, loss of data, maybe even customers. With Aramistech Corp. all of these problems are dealt with quickly so that your business can grow without technology issues getting in the way.

• All computers included in the maintenance agreement have unlimited remote support. This way anytime one of these computers has any problems we can connect right away and correct the problem.

• If you need to install any programs or have computing questions there is no need to worry, all of this is included in the maintenance agreement. This also includes updates to your existing software.

• In order for us to setup the maintenance on the computers and configure your network, there is a onetime setup fee of $130.00 for all the workstations. And $80 per server. 

• Included with the agreement we will include 1 emergency call per month which means that if we can’t fix the problem remotely and we have to go out to your office you can request service immediately. This is a savings of $90.00.

• Our billing is simple. You can pay your monthly maintenance plan with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

• This agreement is not a contract and you can cancel at any time. You can also add or remove computers to the maintenance agreement as you need

• We will customize the maintenance agreement to fit your business needs. So that we can help your business run as smooth as possible. 

• When we have to take a computer to reprogram, we normally bring it back the next business day, if circumstances do not permit this and we will take more than 2 days to return your computer, then we will leave your company a loaner computer or laptop so that your employee can continue to work.

Please keep in mind that computer support is only for the computers included in the maintenance agreement. Thank You.

All labor outside of the maintenance plan is billed at $65 per hr or per job. For example reprogramming a computer has a flat cost of$180.00 instead of $65 per hr


Our Maintenance Features

¿Wouldn’t you like to have more reliable computers and minimal down-time?

We make sure down time is a rare occurance. Wondering how? We remotely connect to your computers at your office and do all of the updates and maintenance they will need. We can even install software that you might need updated. We can do all of this without interrupting your employees or your work, we perform maintenance on your computers after your business hours, this way your systems are rarely down.

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