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Meta Tag Generator

Quantum Networks META Tag Generator

Fill in the fields below and Click the Create META tags buttons below. Once it generates the code simply copy and paste it in the html <HEAD> portion of your pages. If you are not familiar with HTML you will need to contact your web designer to do this part for you. Please direct any questions you may have to

Site Title:
Site Description:
Site Keywords:


Site Title Meta Tag

The title for your website or particular page. ie Welcome to XYZ corporation - Products you can count on.

Site Description Meta Tag
Here you can put a coherent description of your website or particular page. It should contain words found on your website.

Site Keywords Meta Tag
Choose up to 25 keywords that are relevant to the site or particular page. Separate all keywords with a comma.

Revisit Meta Tag
The Revisit Meta Tag is used to tell search engines when to come back next.

Robots Meta Tag
The Robots Meta Tag is used to tell search engines whether to index and/or crawl a page or not

Rating Meta Tag
The Rating Meta Tag is used to set an audience content rating

Author Meta Tag
The Author Meta Tag is used to insert a name of the webmaster or company. - This is optional

Copyright Meta Tag
The Copyright Meta Tag is used to indicate that your information is copyrighted. - This is optional